Get Involved!

As a small community, there are many ways for you to get involved, and we’re working on even more! So get out and meet your neighbours and get involved. There are number of ways to do this:

Get out

We’ve got a BBQ planned for Saturday, September 8th to celebrate the final weekends of Summer. Join us as we enjoy music and great food! Find out more.

Join the Community Association

Years ago, there was a Community Association established that took a look at issues affecting the area. It also planned events to bring people out and increase the sense of community. We want to start this Community Association back up again, and get it active. Are you passionate about making Ryan Farm a great place to live? Send us an email letting us know how you’d like to get involved, whether through event planning or on issues such as development. Once there is enough interest, we’ll be able to get the Association back up and running.

If the Community Association successfully relaunches, be sure to find even more family-friendly events!

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